3 Simple Ways to Diet After A Party

By: iTopTopics Staff

2. Healthy Diet: Control Food Portion

Simple Ways to Diet - Control Food Portion

For a healthy diet, you should pay attention to what to eat as well as how much you eat. Cutting down the portion of the regular amount of food intake your body has got used to can be a tough challenge. But don’t be discouraged! This next step, we’ll lay out the diet plan that doesn’t require you to starve yourself at all.

Small plates don’t always translate to small portions. You have to trick your brain that you have had a substantial amount of food. How to achieve that? First, go ahead to use your regular dinner plate. Fill it up about half of the plate with high fiber food, like vegetables. If you have salad on your plate, go easy with the dressing. Then a quarter of the plate should be filled with food rich in protein. The last quarter of the plate, you can have some starchy food. But be sure to make smart choices on a healthy starch, like brown rice, quinoa, baked beans, lentils or slices of whole grain seeded bread.