Top Celebrities Endorsed Hillary Clinton

By: iTopTopics Staff

4. Katy Perry bared it all to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election

The singer who bared it all, literally, in the name of politics!

Katy Perry endorsed Hillary Clinton

Katy Perry is an ardent supporter of Hillary. Back in October 2015, Perry appeared on stage at a Clinton rally in Iowa, alongside the presidential candidate and her husband, Bill Clinton, in a white strapless dress emblazoned with Hillary's campaign logo. She screamed out to the crowd:'You're gonna hear us roar - to 2016 and beyond!' For Clinton’s birthday the next day after the rally, Kate Perry gifted Hillary Clinton with a gold pendant that spelled out the acronym 'POTUS,' which stands for ‘President of The United States.’ On Monday 9/26/2016, Katy Perry took to Twitter to announce this:”TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD”, and so she did. Not only she roared to support Hillary Clinton, but also bared it all naked to get voters’ attention.