Halloween Decoration Ideas

By: iTopTopics Staff

Halloween Decoration with Skeletons

If you are tired of hanging the same old skeletons up as Halloween decors and want to spruce up a bit this year, why not put some accessories and clothes on, creating the look of the ghosts of "Pirates of The Caribbean"?

For this scene, all you need is a big treasure box that can be made out of carton board, 2 full-size skeletons, pirate hats, some dragged clothes & accessories (like beet jewelry, cheap ones, of course), a fish net and of course a parrot. If you don't have a boat or a dingy laying around in the garage, set your skeletons leaning over the fence or a bench set near the door, like they were carrying out a treasure box. You can add some LED lights for the eye sockets to add the spooky effect.

Halloween Decoration - Skeleton Pirate