Halloween Decoration Ideas

By: iTopTopics Staff

Halloween Decoration with Pumpkin

There are so many Halloween decoration ideas we can create from using pumpkins. No wonder pumpkins are a hot commodity during Halloween time, not just for consuming as food but as decoration purposes as well. According to CNN news, in 2014, 49.5 acres of pumpkins were harvested during Halloween season that year.

These pumpkin spiders look spooky and very highly custom-made. Copy exactly this look in the photo might be a challenge. But lucky for us, we’ve found detailed instructions from Home Depot of how to make the spider legs & frame from PVC pipes. Follow their instructions to create the frames, then spray paint your real or foam pumpkins to black. Add 2 white foam circles for the eyes. Arrange them on your lawn with a spider web décor piece.

Halloween Decoration - Pumpkin spiders