Fall Fashion Colors Of 2016

By: iTopTopics Staff

Fall Fashion Color: Spicy Mustard Color

Spicy mustard is a deeper shade of yellow, a zest of lemon and a splash of gold all mixed together to create this unexpected exotic color.

Spicy mustard color is the shade of achievement, accomplishment and triumph, connected with wealth and success, extravagance and quality, esteem and advancement. The color promotes uplifting vibrancy and victory.

“My favorite color to glaze with is yellow. It always glows just like stained glass lit up by the sun.” – Jane Jones

“As a picture painted in yellow always radiates spiritual warmth, or as one in blue has apparently a cooling effect, so green is only boring.” — Wassily Kandinsky

Singer Beyonce walked up the stage, confident and triumphant look in her spicy mustard dress to accept the award for Best Female R&B Artist onstage during the 2012 BET Awards.

Fall Fashion - Beyonce in Spicy mustard dress attending BET Awards

Photo by martin, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0