Best 10 Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

By: iTopTopics Staff

8. Ghostly Bride and Groom Pumpkins

Ghostly Bride and Groom Pumpkins

Source by Hallmark

It seems Hallmark has a knack for creating doomed duo pumpkins this year. This newly wed pumpkin couple, the bride and groom, are dressed to be ready to spook kids on Halloween night.

To create this altar scare, you will need to find a couple perfectly smooth Lumina pumpkins to save you from spraying paint the pumpkin to white color. After cleaning out the gut of the pumpkins from the bottom, make three simple openings for the eyes & mouth on each pumpkin. Insert the gourds for the eyes. Use toothpicks or florist wire cuts to stick the white asparagus cuts for teeth. You can also hot glue big pumpkin seeds for the teeth. Add a black top hat for the groom and wrap some tulle around the bride pumpkin to create the look of a veil or wedding dress. Now these ghostly bride and groom are ready to exchange their vows, till death do them part.