Best 10 Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

By: iTopTopics Staff

7. Doomed Couple Witches

Doomed Couple Witches

Source by Hallmark

You probably might look away those warty-skin pumpkins. However, those pumpkins would make excellent Jack-O’-lanterns for this carving design. The warts on the pumpkin give the pumpkin the look of an old wrinkle scary witch face. This doomed couple pumpkin design from Hallmark is a classic twist of Halloween display of “till death do us part”.

To make the warty old man, choose a pumpkin with lots of warts on the skin. Clean the gut of the pumpkin; cut out the openings for the eyes and mouth. Insert the veiny gourds for the eyes. Use toothpicks or florist wires to attach the mushroom ends or white asparagus cuts as teeth, baby carrots for the ears.

To make the old witch wife, choose a pumpkin with a long crooked stemmed pumpkin to use as a nose. Cut one side of the pumpkin flat and use it as a new bottom to keep the pumpkin stand with the stem side face forward (as in the image). Carve out the openings for the eyes to fit the bloodshot-vein gourds above the stem nose. Underneath the stem, cut a wide opening for the smiling mouth. Add teeth if you like. To finish the look, secure a witch hat on top of the carved pumpkin with hot glue. Now you have a couple old witches who stood by each other until they died and beyond.