The World’s Most Festive Christmas Towns

By: iTopTopics Staff

Christmas Village at Nantucket Holiday Stroll, Massachusetts

Nantucket locates 30 miles off the Massachusetts coast, this island is characterized by cobblestone streets, antique stores, lighthouses and acres of conservation land. Famous for its rolling dunes and gable-roofed, gray-shingled houses, Cape Cod is where you'll find outdoor activities and loads of fun family attractions. Every block of Nantucket's historic downtown is lined with extravagant shop windows. The cobblestone streets are lined up with small fir trees along the narrow sidewalks, all decorated cheerfully and brightly by the shop owners. The shop owners here make sure visitors feel welcome, cozy and warm. Free cups of cider, sips of wine, or nibbles of chocolate are offered to customers.

Nantucket Holiday Stroll, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism’s slogan for their visitors:”Take the time to find yourself on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, where all that matters is what matters to you.”