Quiz - Is My Marriage In Trouble?

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Illustrated photo taken in San Pedro del Ycuamandiyú, Paraguay by Ivan Cabañas

You met someone, fell in love and got married. Married life can be as blissful and as incredible as you wish it to be if you and your spouse learn how to live and love each other. In a marriage life, your love is put through many tests together as a couple. If you are truly in love, you can work through your differences. You and your spouse can both take the quiz together to find out if your marriage is on the right track.  You can use this test as a nudge to push you in the right direction to ensure a blissful marriage.

1. My spouse and I enjoy each other’s company. We find time for each other even if we are busy.

2. My spouse and I find comfort in each other. We don’t feel lonely in this relationship.

3. My spouse and I don’t keep secrets from each other.

4. We connect with each other on social networks. We have access to each other’s email and/or cell phones, but really feel no need to check up on each other.

5. When there is a disagreement, we both try to find a common ground between us.

6. Either one of us tries to walk away from a heated discussion. We try not to say things we might regret later.

7. When there is a problem, we always address the issue instead of avoiding it.

8. My spouse and I respect each other and are grateful for the things each of us does for our family.

9. When I talk to my friends about our marriage, there are more positive things to say than negative.

10. My spouse and I express our love and affection for each other on a daily basis, by words and by actions. I feel like I have a partner with me all the time.