Fascinating Facts About Supermoon

By: iTopTopics Staff

Supermoon causes higher tides.

Fact or Fiction?

Full Beaver Moon (a supermoon) over Isla Vista & UCSB

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Supermoon is closest to the earth therefore its gravity pull harder on Earth’s oceans than an ordinary full moon. That’s why supermoons create higher-than usual tides called king tides or spring tides and possible coastal flooding around the world. The king tide occurs when the earth, moon, and sun align. Gravity pulls the oceans to their highest tides, causing beach erosion and flooding in the coastal areas.

According the Weather channel, in anticipation, Fort Lauderdale has announced morning and evening road closures at Southeast 12th Street and Cordova Road, which flooded during last month's King tides. High tides and strong winds have been reported in Venice, Italy on Saturday ahead of the supermoon appearance on November 14th, 2016 and brought flooding to the area.

So it is a proven fact that surfers can depend on supermoon for the most thrilling surfing experience of a lifetime. But please take cautionary for high surf advisory.