Best Ski Resorts in North America For 2016

By: iTopTopics Staff

Ski Resorts : Powder King Mountain Resort

The Canadian Rockie Ski resort Powder King Mountain has an average annual snow fall at 492 inches, total snow score with preservation at 93.5%.

Best Ski Resorts - Powder King Mountain Resort in British Columbia

Powder King Mountain is part of Canadian-Rockies. The resort itself is in Pine Pass, northeast area of British Columbia. Powser King Mountain resort is known for its abundant of powdery snow and more rugged terrain. The terrain here features everything any snow seeker looks for, from powder bowls and chutes to some amazing glade opportunities. When it comes to glade runs, Powder King Mountain is ranked right on top. Every turn opens up a new challenge, an adreline rush when a snowboarder feel his board slicing through the thick, powdery canvas of snow. Even though the resort might be lack of some modern amenities like wi-fi service, not many ski lifts, but for a true nature lover, this one is truly a jewel in the rough.