Best 10 No-Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

By: iTopTopics Staff

6. Pikachu and Pokeball Pumpkins

Pikachu and Pokeball Pumpkins

Source by happinessishomemade

The Pokemon frenzy might be over for some but many others still turn their heads at the sights of that cute yellow Pikachu and the red & white Pokeball. The original pumpkin designs we found at happinessishomemade are adorable and pretty simple to make.

What you need:

  • 2 Lumina pumpkins, choose a round pumpkin for the Pokeball and an oblong shape for Pikachu.
  • Acrylic paints in black, white & red.
  • Painter tapes
  • Cardstock for the tail & ears.
  • Clear gloss spray paint (optional)

Steps to make the Pokeball:

  • If you want a bright white rather than the off-white color of Lumina pumpkin, then spray paint the entire pumpkin white. Let it dry before doing anything else.
  • Sketch out the Pokeball circles to the front of the pumpkin. Paint the circles blacks with white circle in between as shown in the picture.
  • Tape a horizontal line around the circumference of the pumpkin; leave out the center circles.
  • Paint the top part of the pumpkin red. Let it dry. Remove the horizontal tape.
  • Paint the black horizontal line all around the pumpkin at the center, leave out the center circles. Use painter tapes to tape the top and the bottom of the black line to get a clean black line.
  • To get a shiny Pokeball, spray the clear glossy paint all around the pumpkin.

Steps to make the Pikachu:

  • Spray paint an oblong pumpkin with a bright yellow paint. Let it dry.
  • Sketch the Pikachu face with eyes, nose, mouth and rose cheeks. Color paint the facial details.
  • Cut the ears and tails, paint ears & tail yellow; paint the tips of the ears black. Use hot glue gun to attach them to the pumpkin.

Now you have a set of cutest duo on the block. Just hope the trick-or-treaters will not use that pokeball to catch some legendaries.