Best 10 No-Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

By: iTopTopics Staff

4. Porcupine Pumpkins

Grand Canyon National Park

Photo edited by itoptopics

This porcupine pumpkin is a good project to keep kids working together as group. They can take turn to place the toothpicks into the pumpkin.

What you need: Oblong pumpkins with a short stem, lots of toothpicks, paints

Steps to create it:

  • Use craft paint to paint the pumpkin dirt brown color. Color a lighter shade of earth brown color around the stem to frame the face. Use black or dark brown paint to paint the eyes.
  • In a plastic cup, pour out some brown paint. Dip the toothpicks halfway to the brown paint. Let them dry.
  • In another plastic cup, pour out some white paint. Dip the unpainted halves of the toothpicks to the white paint to create half-brown, half-white toothpicks.
  • Once the painted pumpkin & toothpicks are dry, start inserting the brown ends of the toothpicks into the pumpkin, front to back.