Best 10 No-Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

By: iTopTopics Staff

2. Hop-On-Pop Pumpkins

Hop-On-Pop Pumpkins

Source by Parents

This design can be very flexible with how many pumpkins you would like to stack together. For safety reason, it is best to go with three pumpkins. If you add more pumpkins, make sure you secure them with strong dowels to attach the pumpkins together.

What you need:

- Three pumpkins without stem. To stack them well, choose pumpkins with flat tops and bottoms. The bottom pumpkin should be biggest to support two smaller ones.

- Faux hair for the pumpkin Pop

- A large braided yarn, tied at each end with ribbons for the pumpkin daughter’s hair

- A cute kid hat for the pumpkin son

Start stacking them in this order: large pumpkin pop at the bottom; then hot glue faux hair to pumpkin pop. Stack the daughter pumpkin onto pop pumpkin. Wrap the braided hair around the loop between two pumpkins. Finally, stack the smallest pumpkin son on top; add the hat to the pumpkin; you can secure the hat by hot glue it to the pumpkin. Use acrylic paint or craft paint to draw the faces for each pumpkin. Or simply use Halloween face pumpkin stickers to create the looks you like.