Best 10 Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

By: iTopTopics Staff

2. Punk-O'-Lantern

Grand Canyon National Park

Source by Lowe's

Would you like to add a metal hard rock look to your pumpkin? Here is one of a few awesome designs we found at Lowe's. Use your imagination to choose the hardware to create a similar look. To create this Punk-O'-lantern, you would need a drawer handle for a nose, door hinges for ears, a solitary lock for an earring and electric wire cuts for the spiky hairdo. For the free pumpkin face patterns, click onto Lowe's site.

After cleaning the inside of the pumpkin, trace the face pattern onto the pumpkin and start carving out the face. Once you are done, drill the holes to attach the door hinges to both sides of the pumpkin to create the ears, secure with hot glue. Add a lock to the hinge as shown in the picture for the earring. Carve the opening for the nose the length of the drawer handle you are about to use. Insert the drawer handle to the cut, use hot glue to secure it. For the hair, to create the spiky look, cut the electric wire to pieces of 5 inches long. Spray paint the wire cuts whichever color you like. Drill small holes so that you can easily insert the wire cuts in. Now you have a Punk-O'-Lantern full of character!