Top 10 Most Visited National Parks in the US

By: iTopTopics Staff

9. Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Photo by Kim Seng

Located in northwestern Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park attracts nearly 3.3 million visitors in 2016. The Teton Range rises more than 7,000 feet above the valley of Jackson Hole. The elevation of the park ranges from 6,320 feet on the sagebrush-dominated valley floor to 13,770 feet on the windswept granite summit of the Grand Teton. Between the peaks and the valley, there are forests blanketed the mountainsides. Early spring, you can hear the rushing water from many creeks and streams cascade down rocky canyons to larger lakes at bottom of the range. The mountain range imprints a majestic reflection on these crystal-clear alpine lakes on calm days. During summer, wildflowers paint meadows in vibrant colors. The Snake River runs through the valley and winds around the canyons. The climate at Grand Teton National Park can be extremely harsh. The coldest temperature ever recorded at the park was -63°F. The national park has a long winter. From November to May, it was blanketed with snow. Short, warm summers provide an awakening and rebirth to all livings. Grand Teton National Park offers more than 200 miles of trail for visitors to explore the park and take in the beauty of this magnificent place.