The Most Amazing Food Creations

By: iTopTopics Staff

4. Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice

This dish has been around for quite some time. Spicy tuna on crunchy, crispy rice is one of the very popular dishes in Los Angeles area where the melting pot culture has been rooted in the community for a long time. If you love sushi, this is a must-try dish. Taking the spin of the traditional sushi rolls, this dish adds different textures when you take a bite on it. The softness of spicy tuna is complimented by the crispy texture of fried rice grains. At the picturesque Yamashiro restaurant in Los Angeles - CA, their spicy tuna on crispy rice dish is also topped with black caviar. It adds a nice burst of flavors in your mouth at the very first bite.

Spicy tuna on crispy rice

Photo source Yamashiro